Are You an Artist that Needs New Listeners?

I’m sure that’s a question most artists would answer “Yes” to every time. Who doesn’t want their music out there in more ears.

Why Spotify?

Spotify is big. Really big. Over 500 MILLION users worldwide. Why aren’t they all listening to your music!

Why d>G Was Started

I started d>G because of my experience trying to help my daughter get her music out there. It’s true, that as a new artist it’s really hard to get your music into listeners ears. There is so much new music out there already, and more being added every day!

d>G’s Mission

I want to help artists get their music out to more listeners. The more music I curate, the more followers we can get, and the more exposure your songs will have. I don’t know of anyone that would say they don’t want their music on more playlists than they already have. So why not submit?

What Do I Do Next?

Head on over to one of the other pages to find out more about me, what d>G playlists exist, or submit your song. Oh, and don’t forget to follow the playlists and let everyone you know about them. Especially if you’ve got a song on it!