About d>G

If you are here, you may be looking for info on what d>G is all about. You’ve come to the right page.


My name is Richard. I like music. I gathered a bunch of experience (or lack there of) trying to figure out ways to get my daughters music on to playlists so she’d get more plays. I haven’t always been successful, but I know how it feels to see listens go up, and discover a new playlist that she’s been added to.


No one is getting rich from another play on Spotify, but it’s a really great feeling to know someone has listened to your music.

That’s why I started d>G. I want to help other musicians by adding new music to the d>G playlists so they will be exposed to new listeners, and in general, just make artists happy by seeing that listener count go up.


It should be pretty painless. Submit your song and that’s it. I will listen to all submissions over the course of a week. I will then decide if I like it enough to put it on one of the d>G playlists. That’s it. I won’t always like all music, and I don’t offer a pay to play scheme like some playlists. It’s all my own opinion and decision. There is no drawback to you submitting, so don’t hesitate.

Bottom Line

I started this site with some specific ideas. I’m guessing that over time things will change and hopefully you’ll be part of that change, by submitting a song or providing some feedback. There are no guarantees things will stay the same.

I WILL guarantee that if you submit a song, I will listen to it on Spotify even if I don’t use it on a playlist. So the worst thing that can happen is you’ll get one more listen on your song.