Self Published Music

Of course I’m going to have a page devoted to any music I’m associated with right?

Who wouldn’t want a chance to get others to listen to their music and add to their listener/play count.

What I won’t do is add my music (or music I work on) to any of the d>G playlists. I feel like that’s overstepping the bounds of what I want to achieve with d>G.

Who’s Music?

So as you’ve probably read on another page somewhere, one of the reasons I started d>G was because of my experiences with getting my daughters music onto playlists and watching her Spotify stats. She started writing songs when she was 11 (or earlier; my memory isn’t the best). For a while she just performed in front of audiences provided by school events, guitar lesson recitals, etc…

She basically tried to play live whenever she could. Eventually we got to the point where we thought, Hmm. Maybe you can release some of your music. It’s easy enough these days.

So that’s what we did.

Her Music

We decided to use Distrokid to distribute her songs and it couldn’t have been any easier. I mean Distrokid makes it ridiculously easy. If you have music you haven’t released, or maybe only released on Bandcamp, etc… check out Distrokid. There’s obviously a cost, but it’s pretty minimal. They also have some tools to help you with social media and getting your music on their playlist (Wheel of Playlist).

Anyway, here’s her Spotify Artist page in case you want to listen to some of that.

My Stuff

So besides helping her get her music out there, I’ve also been involved with producing and arranging some of her songs. There was one song that I released under my own artist name that she didn’t really want to release but she had already done the lyrics and melody.

My wife and son couldn’t stop singing it so we turned it into a sort of Rave-y dance song. You can listen to that here.

I do plan on releasing some more music under that artist name in the future but it will be more along the lines of music I tend to listen to which is guitar / synth driven instrumentals (similar to McRocklin & Hutch, Intervals, Sithu Aye and the like). To be fair, I’m all over the place with the genre’s I listen to and create in.