Site is Finally Up!

After delaying and delaying without a real reason, I’ve finally got the site up in it’s initial form. As I read and re-read and re-read the pages again and again, I’m sure there will be updates incoming.

I wasn’t planning on creating a traditional blog where I’m making posts every other day, etc… but I’ve decided to use blog posts occasional to do things like:

  • Disclose information on how I am running the d>G playlists
  • Discuss a particular playlist or song that I feel needs discussion
  • Call out a band / musician I feel can benefit from some individual attention
  • Respond to a question or comment I’ve received

More to Come

Expect these posts to get longer and more in-depth as time goes on. In vocal communications, I can get quite verbose, so I suspect some of my posts will take on that quality as well. Oh well, if you don’t like what you are reading…no need to read it 😀

Thank You!

To those that do end up reading the posts, submitting a song, checking out the site or playlists. I know how valuable time can be so I really appreciate you investing it on my site.





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