So slow…

What’s going on?

Did you even have really good intentions or a great idea, got super jazzed about getting going on something, then find weeks later nothing has happened?

Well yeah…that.

After finding a block of time to get some pages up and some ideas jotted down, the roof caved in and I got caught up in so many other things. Probably mostly down to the time of year where all things start back up (school, soccer coaching, etc…).

I might need to re-think the lofty ideas I have and just get something going so there’s momentum. Have you ever noticed when you get something moving things seem to start falling in place, but the hardest thing is just to get it moving!

I think that’s my current issue.

What probably needs to happen

Thinking things through a little bit, it’s probably going to be really hard to get people to submit songs when they have no idea the site exists or what it is.

Sure, I could wait until I get further and further up the Google rankings (years and years from now), or inundate social media with posts asking people to submit (when my social media channels have little to no followers), but that’s probably not going to do anything.

I think I’ll need to go out on my own to discover some music that I like, create some initial playlists, and see if I can get people listening. So kind of backwards from how I wanted it to go.

Next steps

To see how feasible it is to find music in a week, I’m going to do just that. Give myself a week. Look for new / upcoming music in genres I generally listen too. Find artists that have fewer plays or listeners than others, and add them to my playlist.

So if you are around in the next week, you’ll see the playlist page start to actually have some useful links to Spotify playlists.

What I need from you!

If you see those playlists, tweet them, instagram ’em, throw them on Facebook! Anywhere you could help spread the word will be amazing. Don’t forget too that you can submit your music or anyone else’s that you think should be on a playlist. Ideally that will be the be-all-end-all way for me to gather new music over time.





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